No, I don’t get tired of talking about this shitty weather. But they say nothing is perfect, and to be living here has been a near-to-perfect experience. Then the universe, to balance the happiness levels said: let’s ruin her hair, her shoes and everything she has that is dry and cozy.

Ireland has the most shitty weather I was pleased to meet until now. It is always cold, and I love cold. But it is also not cold enough for beautiful frosts or white snow. Then it rains, and it’s not that cozy rain that makes heavy noise on the window so you can sleep like an angel. It’s just that ugly thin rain that sneaks under the umbrellas and makes you wet and more cold. It’s windy, and the wind harvests the leaves from the trees. Then it rains on the coat of leaves on the streets and there you have: a mortal slippery trap.

Today I am working at Gael Con (if you’re near Ballsbridge, please hop on) and tomorrow I will be working here as well, though without my computer. For that reason, I decided to upload the comic today. Actually, I’ve been thinking about starting to publish the comics every Sunday instead of Monday  How would you guys feel about it?

Also, I am rushing to finish the comics I already have sketched, so I can guarantee I have material to publish until December  After I finish this task, I want to start publishing some casual comics in random days. I want to talk about trivial subjects without the commitment to be funny, but before that happens I want to assure one (kinda) funny comic per week.

In other news,  we now have our tiny tiny store in Big Cartel and soon we will have available merchand to sell online. Yaaay, maybe next month I can pay my rent and have anything but potatoes to eat. JK xD