Hello, friends.

Well, I am finally back. Nearly 100% recovered from the surgery and ready to go. So now you guys are going to have your weekly comics back. The after surgery was much better than I expected. It was nearly pain free and I was felling great. It takes a lot of times to catch up with life, though, and that’s the reason it took em so long to get back on track.

Tests, bills to pay, house to clean (it really sucks when you can’t make your own bed or fold your clothes). It takes a good while to put everything together!

I am taking part in a big project, and for now I can only say involves Medieval Fantasy and comics. So I will come back to you guys with more information and teasers.

And now, after a long break, let’s finish telling this “shorts story” for once!


Thanks for coming back to read me guys, you are a considerate part of my life and being away from Exploding Comics the past few weeks has felt like walking around with no underwear.