This comic is a dirty little piece of shit so I’ll try to provide a good text to go with it.


Life’s good, College is awesome an everything I always wanted to be. But I have to say, it’s tough. I have piles and piles of jobs to finish for yesterday. All the classes have their own giant work with their own crazy deadline. I can say that in these few weeks of classes I already learned a huge amount of stuff (like how do draw a happy pirate on illustrator or use charcoal without make your drawing look like a dirty piece of toilet paper). I am sure this will improve my skills, but currently my life is a huge mess and I plan on starting all over again Monday (no shhhit!)!

But yeah, my house is a mess, I’ve been basically feeding on boxed soup, I can’t find pants with no yellow buttocks (I spilled yellow ecoline on my chair, didn’t see and sat on it) and usually all the laundry is dirty and to do. Clearly, I have to better estabilish a routine, specially if I want to keep up with the comics.

So I will enjoy this weekend out to rest and put my head on the top of my neck and when I come back I will work more efficiently.

I am so happy with the amount of people that are accessing the website. I can’t believe how much Exploding grew since we started publishing. I never thought it would be so hard to keep up with a once per week content, therefore I can only say how much people like Jeff Jacques (from Questionable Content) have my huge admiral.

This course is brilliant because it not only works on basic illustration skills, it directs you to your style and way of working. It’s so amazing to discover how much I love and admire comics and how much I don’t know about them.

I am planning a zine for next year. A proper one, not with web content, but something new, like a short story or something. But I am a terrible writter so I am planning on doing this project in partnership with someone. Maybe my own Frank if he decides to move his lazy ass and write something for me. xD


Ok, I think that was all that I had to say. I may start publishing a couple of comics in the sketch and slowly replace them with finished pieces once I have a mid-term week or something like that.

Thanks a million for all the love and I am sorry for taking so long to answer the comments. Things shall get better…