Hello, peeps! I hope you have an awesome week because I will. My dearest parents-in-law are coming to spend the week with us in Dublin. The weather seem pleased with the visit and the sun is showing its face.

I have been volunteering at the Dublin Writer’s Festival and it has been a huge experience. I am working at workshops mounting little cardboard houses to build a tiny Dublin and helping to hand colored pencils and glitter to children and also having the amazing opportunity to hear the great writer Chris Judge talk and teach us how to draw the Story Bird. A great amazing experience and 3 scalpel cuts on the finger.




College is over and I have mixed feelings about it. I have loads of personal projects to work on and I have to run after job like a crazy motherfucker but I have to say, I will miss the deadlines and I will miss seeing the face of my dearest classmates over the summer.

Now I’m off to clean the house and take back my jobs and maybe even go to the gym yet today!

Thank you so much for visiting us every week.