So, this is Hannah, one of our best friends. And she is, indeed a great friend, because even after we being total jerks to her, she still hangs out with us.

Last week was her b-day, and as I am not only scumbag but also totally poor, I decided to make her this birthday comic.

All of the ones above are true and happened at some point of our friendship. I am such a jerk with a goat brain that whenever we are at the supermarket I suggest every 2 minutes that we take something with milk or cheese in it.

And the porn part was the funniest thing that ever happened to us! Because we were talking about Sasha Grey and she didn’t know who she was, Frank decided to show her doing something that she is known for doing well. But the amazing part is: Hannah had never watched porn. Now, not only we tainted the last human being who had never got in touch we porn. We did it in the worst way possible.

So yay, happy b-day Hannah!