Seriously, stop saying bad things about it or we are all going to die. D:


Aaaand, back to the black squares format. I am working with a lot of comic formats lately and I realized that nothing says “this is a comic strip” like regular black squares. I also made them higher so the text boxes don’t occupy too much of the drawing space. Of course yesterday I reviewed all the website and now I am itching to redraw all my comics! There are some good ones that really need to be done in a bigger format! But I need to calm the fuck down and do my jobs and future comics.

I am thinking of a white background for the website. I like comics printed in white sheets, they look really comic ish. But I usually hate websites with white background. Maybe some drawings in a watermark under it?

I also did a new poster for Exploding Comics for Conventions and events. It looks like this:


I am also thinking of sticking into the website somewhere. Hum. I am not sure. Let’s see.