You guys made me feel awesome with the last comic, I felt less alone than ever. Apparently we all go through this weird process of taking care of ourselves and then letting ourselves go again and doing everything again.

Well, this is another cycle that happens in my life every once in a while. My hair and I have a complicated relationship, so I have to deal with it, sometimes by making really bad decisions. Again. And again. And so on. Is it only me?

I am really happy to know that my comics have reached Italy and Switzerland. I have actually been translated to Italian, that is unbelievable! I have never thought I could reach people so far away from me. This makes me feel vain/happy/scared of writing shitty comics/motivated. Absolutely motivated! More than ever.

I stopped believing one day I will be able to pay my bills with Exploding Comics (wich can put the regularity of the comics in danger), but now I understand it makes part of who I am and I feel like the comics themselves come more naturally to me. Like: “that’s Amanda, that’s what she does”.

Therefore, I will turn my back to websites like 9gag and stop to keep trying to show my hard work for people who are more interested in “reaching frontpage” (unless it’s your original artwork, I honestly don’t understand the appeal). My work has been stolen, broken, raped so many times.

Let’s just accept: we are in the internet, internet is full of bastards. And full of good people who likes to read comics too.

Whatever will be, will be.