Do you know who read this comic before you? AMANDA FUCKING PALMER.

Last week we went to her concert and it was beautiful. I’ve never seen such a deep, honest, touching concert in my whole life. And not only that, she spoke so many things about making art and supporting artists. And then I saw her TED talk about “The Art of Asking”. I have thought a lot about my own art and he things I should and shouldn’t do for money. I think doing art is different than doing music. When you do music you necessarily communicate with people through your voice, through your face. When a person hires me to illustrate a children’s book, it’s not like if all the people who read me would stop reading me because I starting communicating that “The ball is red” instead doing comics. But even so, I a overloaded with work and put my comics in second plane. And the comics are actually the only thing that is my own voice with my own colors with my own ideas. And I’d like to talk about less shallow things with you guys but at the end I can either be funny and shallow or deep and really depressing. Not that I am a depressive person, but I think I don’t have the gift of talking about serious shit in my comics and still keep the humor on. Well, it’s something to think about.

So, here follows a picture of the autograph Amanda Palmer gave on the sheet with the comic: