Smooth Frank, very smooth…

So College is nearly over, I’m way less stressed and I have breakfast everyday! I have two more deadlines Wednesday and then I’m off to live my life and draw comics and work and have picnics and play Diablo. I am hoping to buy the Expansion once I have my life/shit/work together. I’ve been told is really good, do you guys know anything about it?

I am very happy with the response of you all to the new “style” (not really, just good software and more hours dedicated to it) and storytelling mode I am doing now. It it very handy to have feedback and constructive criticism and lights the way for new comics.

Also, I’ve noticed that the number of readers is increasing slightly every week, so THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK HERE! YOU GUYS MAKE IT WORTH IT!

My next goal for Exploding Comics is to fix the design of the website (I promise I’ll do it eventually and stop talking about it). I want to keep it clean and organized, but I think I’ll try to sort a lighter background for the comics. After that, an extra comic per week! I hope this summer is kind enough so I can dedicate myself to put up the Patreon and get things going.

Soon there will be news about my other projects. And the first one, that I can actually talk about, is a quick zine about my thyroids. I plan to have it ready for August, for Dublin Zine Fair, and I will also sell it online probably. It’s nothing educational or medical, it’s just “boo hoo my thyroids made me suffer, look at me” sort of thing.

Ah yeah, one more thing: mobile’s not working, we are doing our best efforts to fix it but we are really dumb with this computer thing.

Anyway. Thank you, really, and see you next week! 😛