Hello, guys, how are you? Yeap, we are up and running!

I apologize for the looks of the website. Everything is messy (the blog posts are under the actual posts and not on a separated link by the bar). I plan on doing changes for Exploding Comics, but I don’t quite know how to so I have to study a little before working on it. The new WordPress template is really confusing, specially for someone who is completely dumb about web things.

College is near finished, I can’t wait to have loads of time to dedicate myself to the comics. I plan on compensating the time out with a few extra comics per week. Also, follow us on the facebook page: www.facebook.com/explodingcomics.

I have started wondering if we shouldn’t all just go to Facebook and meet there and then I could publish my comics over there every week and maybe in the futures abandon the website. What do you guys think of that?

Also, next week I finally finish telling the “Shorts story”.

Well, for now that’s what I had to say. Very good to be back.