In case you have been following my comics but not my texts, you may have noticed that the quality of the content is going down often. It’s funny, ’cause if you are not following my texts, there is a big chance you are not gonna read this one as well.

Well, I found this comic a very honest way of explaining how shit happens when you have a commitment like doing a weekly comic. In my opinion, having something to post every week is more important than staying long days producing an amazing stunning comic and leaving the space here abandoned for three weeks.

I appreciate the fact that you lads are reading me and even more that you come to my page to criticize the fact that I may be repeating myself in some strips. This helps me develop my work and check out where we have fails.

However, College is serious business (more than I was expecting) and I have been through the hardest personal times of my life (not kidding about this). Yet, I will try to keep on posting until the December break every week.

And because of that, there is a chance some comics will be repeating some subject or will be really shallow and stupid. I apologize for that.

For now, personal life is better than ever, so there is a big chance I’m gonna organize myself a lot and produce some good shtuff before the end of the year!