Recently I have found a lot of funny pictures on the internet suggesting that there is a double standard where women require to be appreciated even if they are overweight but want men to have a perfectly fit body.

I completely disagree, I don’t see women pointing out the lack of muscles as a factor for them to exclude the guy from the list of possible partners. I mean, if they do I don’t want to be friends with them anyways.

Funny enough a girl who was a really close friend of mine is just like that, shallow and sad, and I have even more sad stories to tell you guys about this peculiar character, but that’s another conversation that we’ll start soon. Point is: she is shallow and not interesting and she is not in my life anymore because this is the kind of person who didn’t bring anything good to my life. And that’s how I feel about people who idealize physical appearance above anything else.

Physical appearance is very much a personal taste thing. I find muscly bodies disgusting (they look like plastic and are not comfortable to cuddle with). I have dated, though, skinny and fatty and also muscly guys. As long as they had something nice to share with me.

There are many other things that matter. I find it funny when someone tells me about their “type”. -“I like blondes, I like red hair!”. I mean, you are allowed to find something more attractive than something else, but to go as far as NOT DATE BRUNETTES BECAUSE YOU LIKE BLONDES is just something that I find super sad and shallow.

The experience of meeting people is marvelous. As a friendship or a life partner or a sexual partner or an one night stand. To allow yourself to break up with stupid commercial standards and see that behind eyes that were not as green as you wish there was a great smile, a funny story and the best pasta you ever had. People’s relationships could be easier, I guess.

We often make them ugly.