Haha, of course I wouldn’t do that. Well, as mentioned before this is where the website breaks up with reality and starts a storyline itself. I have a couple f weeks of comics prepared, I hope you guys like where this is going. I hope I can keep the “one-shot” strips every once in a while cause they were much funnier, right? Yet I have ggiven a lot of though into that and realized it gets more interesting to read like this on the big picture. Let’s see what the old readers say about it ( Javier, I’m looking at you. xD )

Conventions time has come and I am working my ass off to prepare material! I am also buried in freelancer work, trying to finish everything to get a part time job and yet I work nearly everyday from early in the morning till noon and stuff never stop coming! It’s good cause it’s illustration work. It’s bad cause it’s less money than I’d get in a part time coffee shop or so.

Yet, the weather is so nice in Ireland lately I can’t avoid but having that cold delicious beer at the end of the day. I live by a pretty canal where everyone gathers in the summer for picnics and pints so it’s becoming a daily thing to go there. It’s pretty relaxing, and I have to say, much more motivating to have something like that to push you through the day.

Well, it’s late already and I’m super tired, but as my neighbors are throwing a little party I will come back to drawing explosive comics for you guys.

See yas and thank you so so so much for reading me.