What kind of asshole just abandons her comic website, right? Well guys, my life went a little crazy and I will explain everything on this post. I was on the list to do a thyroids surgery for a while now. Last week they called me telling me that they have an opening for this Thursday. So suddenly I had to prepare my whole life for that, and preparing means even the unexpected silly things like doing all the laundry or cancelling the gym. I will be unavailable for work for about 20 days, so Exploding Comics may stop running for as much as a month (because I will also have to sort out loads of things after I come back). This is terrible because I already stopped for the end of the year, and that’s what you get for not having a batch of comics ready to publish. I am so sorry my friends. We ARE coming back and I will finish telling that story about the train, I promise!

Like, this is the worst mid season ever. >.<


Thank you so much for visiting Exploding Comics, we love you all very much.

And wish me luck.