Writing comics is a difficult task. I am very messy about mine. I have ideas for short strips that finish on themselves, but I can’t manage to to have really good witty ideas for weekly strips. Eventually they come up, and they are certainly my best strips. On other hand, there are many real and imaginary stories in my head that I thought you’d guys would appreciate to know. They are not as good as those sporadic good punchlines, but they keep a better level of entertainment.

After the “Shorts Story” sequence, I just went on writing one comic after the other and they are all chained to each other. This will turn my website into a real mess, because whoever comes here every week will understand what’s going on. Whoever reads every week, will understand the joke. I might in the future divide everything into two different pages or just name the file so you can navigate through the archive/browser bar.

Let’s see how it goes, but I feel like this is about to get funnier and crazier. Ah, tiny tweak: I’m considering removing the title from the comics forever.

Thank you to each and every one of you for coming here every week! I just took two days off and it was amazing. I drunk, ate like a pig, watched movies and series and slept more then I should have. I am off College for the next TWO WEEKS and that sounds like a tiny vacation, but honestly we have so much unreal stuff to get done for the end of these two weeks that I’m not even excited. Not even we have LOADS of work to do, it’s all difficult stuff (like and A4 puppet, or two A1 pieces with mixed media).

I think that was it for now. I love you guys and I am more in love with Exploding Comics than ever.