Exploding Comics is back, yaaay! Sorry for taking so long, amigos. Being back to publishing my comics is like being back to having everything in it’s right place. Like coming back from a vacation and feeling home.

The end of the year was really hard and busy, but  I managed to see my loveliest mommy, meet half Ireland, eat loads of yummi stuff and cuddle loads with Frank (while lating all my projects including Exploding).

College changed all our life routine, we have so much work to do all the time that you forget how precocious is having an afternoon in front of the telly watching cartoons and smooching.

Despite the joke about taking care of my health during the holidays, which I didn’t do at all, now I am kind of changing my routine. I got really sick in December, got better to only get really really sick again two weeks later. So I decided to drop a little the processed food and try to absorb some vitamins from fruits and vegetables. I don’t even know why I am telling all of this to you guys. I guess I just really really miss having yous all in my life!

I am loving College, but all my grades were merits. I didn’t get even one distinction and it’s news for me now being the best in my classes (I am by far one of the worsts) or not having the best grades. I frustrated a lot with that and the result was that my assignments looked even worse. I am over that now and actually excited for the new therm.

And how was the holidays for you guys? I am so glad to be back. I hope to write some good stuff for you guys this year. n.n