With Frank gone, all I have to do all day is fight the toaster.

I would like to apologize for the weeks with no comics. I totally planned to post from Brazil, but also didn’t consider how great is the internet there. So I spent some days in my mom’s hometown, where electricity arrived about 5 years ago and internet is still working with little gnomes rolling sheaves.
After that I went to the beach, where there were a lot of people, and gee, you don’t expect Brazilian phone companies to work properly when a lot of people want to use the phone at the same time, right? So I was stuck for about 8 days with not even 3g working properly.
And then we came to the third city, where I was living before Ireland. There the internet existed, or so they told me, but the modem from the house I was staying in would require you to take your laptop to the vicinity of said modem, chant “Satan is my Lord” three times and then run one lap naked around the room. As I thought the hosts wouldn’t appreciate my naked performance, I just gave up on posting altogether.

Vacations in Brazil were sandy and sweaty. I spent much-less-than-I-wanted time with my beloved lifetime friends. But they were unforgettable nights. I coped with distance so far, but now I realized how much I miss my town. It’s dirty and sweaty and smells like garbage and there is an alligator at large, yet I couldn’t love it more. I would like to thank everyone for the love.

On the way back, after 26 hours of a dreadful trip I got home to a broken shower, an expired bus card and non-paid bills cause my bank account decided to go on holidays as well. Now, after about eight days, I am finally with my shit together and ready to live a normal life again.

I’m sorry for keeping you, and thank you for reading me, as always.