So, as was promised earlier, here’s some more background on the whole “Kissing Laerte” thing for our friends from around the world:

A little while ago, all the way back in our homeland Brazil, due to a very silly alignment of political alliances and the hierarchy of parliamentary commissions, the position of President of the Commission for Human Rights and Minorities was given to the Social Christian Party (PSC), who were not really glad to be given a commission of little power when compared to a Commission of Finance, or whatever other commissions they are handing around over there, but that’s what you get when you are a little shitstain of a party who allies itself to the big boys in hope to get some crumbs.

Out of spite, the party selected for the position the worst possible guy for the job: a racist, homophobic, dishonest evangelical pastor named Marco Feliciano, who also happens to have a really lame haircut and a penchant for theocracy. Said guy’s presence as head of a very important (yet pragmatically “low-powered”, meaning that it’s hard to steal money off it) commission caused quite an upheaval, and rightfully so.

Then enters Laerte Coutinho, one of the great geniuses of our time, crossdressing cartoonist extraordinaire. Supported by some important figures on the matter, took over all the cartoon strips section with renditions of himself being kissed by the other artists who shared the space with him. The demonstration gained momentum and got out of the paper, taking to the internet, and that is where we in Exploding Comics come in.

No one should be hurt, mistreated or screwed over because of who they are or who they love, and it is quite clear that, if it is up to that douchebag of a criminal preacher, that very basic right will never be enforced by those who society tasked with doing so. And that is why we kiss Laerte, because that magnificent bastard represents us, and anyone with any morals and ethics, much more than any hate-monger with too much hair gel and a deep lack of self-awareness.