Hey, guys, how are you?

We are preparing ourselves for the amazing Arcade Con that happens this weekend, from Thursday to Sunday at the Ballsbridge Hotel. So if you are around Dublin go pay us a visit. Arcade Con was the first Con we ever participated. It’s amazing to look back and remember our huge table nearly empty and how embarrassed I was to be there. Now Cons are my favorite thing about doing comics. Meeting tons of people, amazing artists, awesome cosplayers…

The comic for next week might not be ready for Monday, once we are going to be working for and at the Con for the next few days. I’ll do my best to finish on time though.

Apart from that I am working on two comic projects, one of them being the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Quite intimidating and a huge experience. Can’t wait to share with you, what should be happening in one or two months or whenever Hugo, the writer, creator and my partner on this project, allows me to publish some teasers. xD

And finally, check it out the new Exploding Comics cover:

Ok, see you guys next week maybe. xD