When we started living in Ireland, we thought it would be a good idea to speak only in English, and that worked fine, because though I couldn’t speak properly, I would have a great vocabulary from movies and songs and well, everything.

French is way different. We thought doing the same would be cool, forgetting that we don’t have the same intense contact with the language. It didn’t work. But I must mention here that I said that we are both in Beginner Level for the lolz of the comic, actually my husband is already in the Intermediate. So, it’s a one-way conversation.

Also, WOW, THE WEBSITE IS GREEN! So, I had this background as the first idea for Exploding Comics, but then life happened and when I realized I changed so many things that my website was all pinky and girly. It doesn’t fit me and I wanted to change this for a long time. So now, here we are: the first header I’ve ever drawn, the first background I’ve ever thought as the background. I hope you all like!

The sad part is that I already have a whole buch of comics saved with the pink border. It doesn’t really look bad, but my OCD is bothering me.

Hope you all like everything! Yay!