So really sorry for not posting the comic yesterday! Our internet provider is failing on us, but we shall spend around 3 hours on the phone today trying to solve the problem! It’s not like I depend on the internet to make my work and receive my salary! :/

Apart from that, I got a new table that respects me as a human being from my friend Cian. Thanks Cian, you saved my life, my back and probably Exploding Comics! It’s so glorious to work on a table that doesn’t shake and doesn’t do “BLAMBLAMBLAM” every time I move. Not to mention I can actually face my computer and not sit on my side.

Frank’s studying from finals and I’m taking my advantage of the situation for my Life Drawing assignments.

Life drawing is amazing. I learned how to draw muscles, fingers, balls. It’s trully amazing.

For now, I just hope you like my late comic and see yous next week for the last comic of the year!