Ok, first of all: I am so sorry for the delay on the comic of the week. I had issues with WordPress and I wasn’t able t log in since yesterday! I mean, my website connects but when I go to the login page it just doesn’t find the host. Has anybody ever experienced something similar and do you have any idea of how to solve that? I managed to get in touch with the WordPress guys today and they helped me with cleaning my cache and somethings but it keeps logging off again all the time!
This sucks. x(
News: my in-laws are the sweetest people on earth and provided us with an amazing lovely week full of delicious meals and walks around town. They also gave us a proper desk with two spots on it. This means that now our house is a little more spacy and also that we both can seat and work on desks like human beings for the first time in almost three years.
I got my results from College and they were… mediocre to say the least. Three passes, three merits, one distinction. At least I didn’t fail anything, that’s the most important thing. I confess I lost a little bit of motivation with such bad grades, specially on that project that took me so long to make it.
Well, now I have more work and personal projects to start and will all be really worth it.
Guys, I am really sorry for the delay, but we are going to make our best to be always here, late or not. o//