I know I keep saying this all the time but I am growing really fond of this “doing comic” thing. I am trying new softwares and some of them are so good that I almost feel like I’m cheating at work. xD I am trying to draw better backgrounds so you guys don’t feel like you are always looking at two talking heads.

So, remember when I tried to tell this same story a couple of months ago and kinda didn’t work? I have a feeling that now it’s much better written and I think it will be both entertaining to follow the timeline or read the single strips. I admit a couple in the middle won’t have a punchline themselves or be funny when read alone. Plus we have the element of “me and Frank telling the story” thing where we can always come back to the present in case I have a random strip to stick it in. (Inspired in How I Met You Mother much? xD)

Ok, now I should come back to my College deadlines. Next week I have ALL the assignments to hand in and the IT’S OVERRRRRR. And then i’m going to set up my Patron, and work loads for the conventions and also try to find a part time job because I can’t stand eating noodles any longer. u_u’

Thank you so much for all the love, thanks for coming here and reading us every week.