Hey guys! How have you been?

In 2017 I worked in a full-time job + a part-time one during good part of the year and also took tons of freelance jobs and that is the reason why I stopped posting comics. It is very good that I managed to be overloaded with illustration work and keep in touch with art, however Exploding Comics was the first thing I left behind and I feel like having it updated is a very important part of my routine. Now I am officially a Visual Arts teacher and Frank is teaching History and it’s really nice that we get to share our experiences and collaborate with each other’s work.

I worked loads last year and I am really happy with everything me and Frank achieved. We spent so many years studying and building and we really feel that we are at a point where we are balancing hardwork and our hobbies. We moved into our own apartment and this is the first year in my adult life in which I am not planning to move or unsure about my future housing plans.

We also got married and our marriage was super fun and memorable. I feel really peaceful and not overloaded for the first time in a good couple of years.

Tomorrow we are flying to Paris where Frank is doing a French cuisine course.

2016 and 2017 were two really great years in my personal and professional life, where everything developed as planned. But it required hard work and it was really tough for me to keep everything up to date. 2018 is the year to focus again on the comics work including the commissions I have left from the website. To stir the fire, I just closed two big deals + put an old project on the to-do list + Exploding Comics will be sporadically updated, more like a personal blog as it has been up to now rather than a proper steady comic.

So let’s see where this goes. I hope you all have a really happy New Year! :)