Hey guys! Look, we have a comic today!

First, I’d like to update you guys on the commissions list: I’ve already finished the first half of them and you should be getting yours sooner rather than latter. I plan to finish them all until december but it’s a long list.

I am not going to promise Exploding Comics will be back to its regular schedule cause I’ve been working at two jobs (one full time + one part time) since August this year. Because of that, I’ve been busy as shit. That plus the amazing Super Hero Helpdesk, published weekly, plus the freelancer jobs, plus the commissions I’ve been doing for my dearest fans, kind of put EC on the very bottom of my list.

But that’s fine, as soon as I become a millionaire I’m going to drop everything to become a full time artist. That super worked last time.

It is sad that I don’t get to be a full time artist. But I have to say, I had probably the greatest year of my life.

I prepared myself for a backlash of feelings and hate and getting used to life here, but it turns out it was as smooth as cotton candy. I arrived in December, chilled until January, when I came to the town I planned to live in and actually looked for a job. After three days running around with a CV in hands, I started getting calls. Now imagine my surprise, after having all the doors banged on my face over the course of the past years. It was a pleasant feeling.

After three days of handing in CVs, I did 8 job interviews and after 5 days I heared from the one I was aiming for. Since then I’ve been working in an International School where I not only use my illustrator and English skills, also manage to do a lot of office bureaucratic work, which is something that I am really good and have large experience at.

Since January you can say that I got promoted and now I am the academic secretary for the school, still keeping in touch with some marketing and managing skills. I feel professioally challenged and fulfilled like I haven’t in a good time, which makes me feel great, but if you look at it, it’s also kind of sad how difficult it is to feel like that by being an artist, which I struggled so much to the point to give up.

Good thing is, without the pressure to make a living out of it, I feel like my art is much more fluid and natural. Plus I get much, sooooo much more pleasure from it. Downside, less Exploding Comics along the year.

In August I got a proposal to teach English at another school and took it. It was something that I have been looking into and I felt like it was the perfect oppportunity to try out. I love teaching and I have really cool students.

I am exhausted, taking into account that between job 1 and job 2 I go to functional training and doctors (I am doing all the check ups I haven’t in the past years) and prepare the new apartment. It’s all gonna be worth it.

This has been the most productive time of my life and I am enjoying every second of it. I just hope I can show up here more often.