Yayyyy we are back! Isn’t this awesome? Well, apprently settling takes a little more time and effort than I expected and it took me a half year break to start publishing again, but it looks like we are back on track! I am going to try to keep you guys up to date with whatever is happening in my life through the comic, and thus we have to rush things a bit.

My original idea for the script was to move Frank, the character to Finland for a year and then bring him back while adding the neighbor charcters. However now I am in a very different page in my life and that script didn’t find a closure. So what I am not gonna tell in the story, is the whole ‘Frank moving back and we spending some time together before I learn I had to come back to Brazil’.

This comic is to sum up the beginning of the new chapter.

We are going to part from the point where I move back and we spend the summer together here, then Frank comes back to finish College and we are separated for six months.

I am going to talk more about my coming back and what has been going on from now on, this post was just a catch-up.

I love you guys and I love it even more to know that you’re still hanging there! Woop.