And who does, little rac? Who does?

Things are going very well in Brazil. So far I have travelled a lot and visited my friends as much as I can. Spent the weekend at the beach were there was a lot of rock n’ roll, shrimp and sun. Bus back home was so fast and comfy that I almost didn’t wake in time to hop off at our home city and went 120kms away.

I am growing so used to the Cintiq that it almost feels like waking up and using a sketchbook and pencil everyday. I managed to estabilish myself on a really cool workstation so it makes everything way way easier and more comfy to work. Plus, I don’t have to keep installing and uninstalling it all the time.


My only issue is that the room is a little empty. I left Ireland giving away everything I had, so I have this giant room, this giant table and this giant wardrobe where I keep three dresses and my work tools. But once estabilished, I will have the pleasure of redecorating and buying new things, for the first time in 30 years exactly the way I want them to be. It feels nice.

Soon Frank will come back to Ireland. This is hard to deal with. We are so close together and used to each other’s company. Even silly things like watching movies or having dinner. I’ve lived alone for 7 years, and I almost don’t remember how it was. But I also believe this will be a really nice phase of hanging out with myself and remembering how bad it feels not knowing how to cook. Also, twice as much appreciation for each other once he comes back.

Apart from that, loads of news that I don’t want to talk about because I hate talking about things before they are definetly 100% right. So there will be more news soon.