And finally we have the first post of the year!

Man, it was not easy getting some internet on the third world, I tell you! But the trip (despite awful) was over and we finally made it here safe and sound! Then we went straight into my mom’s hometown were internet is just a myth that people talk about and hope that one day the Gods will bless them with this magical mean of communication.

But heeeey there are telephones and we then tried some 3g. Which failed, cause Frank dropped a brick shit on my phone and broke it. Ughhh. And then my friends, I realized just how much I was depending on my computer and internet. I had the greatest time of the past few years, away from everything virtual, drinking and eating and celebrating with my awesome family for Christmas.

For New Year’s eve we went to the beach, were everybody goes and thus the internet, despite being a reality, also doesn’t work. After all, which internet could work properly when more than 300 people want to use at the same time right? We spent then some days by the most gorgeous beach around the area, watched the most stunning fireworks show of my whole life and again, of course, drinking and eating and having the best time with my in-laws.

But the beach is where everybody goes and poops and pees and therefore the day that we got back from the beach it was closed for being too dirty. As a result, I woke up vomiting like a monster and dying of fever. By the end of the night, peeps though I had the Dengue Virus. Luckyly it was just poop in the water that got me sick and I survived after three days lying in bed making sounds and crying a little.

Yesterday I managed to walk outside for the first time and see my friends, 2kgs skinnier. I am now estabilished in the town I plan to live, sending CVs and putting my things in place. My bedroom here is bigger than my entire house in Dublin. It feels nice to have space. I feels really nice to be home.

My 2016 started with a lot of vomit and poo and happiness and love and I feel great things for this amazing year. <3