The funny part is that I am very OCD and super paranoid. Haha. *cries a little*

Well, my therapist said he didn’t diagnose me with OCD because the levels do not interfere on my daily life (for example, I never stopped myself from going out of the house, or couldn’t touch something or didn’t eat because of it). However, I am just borderline to that (I did have breakdowns because people touched my art supplies with dirty hands.) I am also very paranoid about deadlines, tests, payments and generally have some nights of nightmares of losing the bus/ride/time when i have something important to do. But I think that’s fairly common. I worry constantly and eventually that gets very tiresome and overwhelming but at other times it pays off as people feeling like I am a caring person and counting on me. But I guess a lot of people are like that. I just tell myself a lot to chill and enjoy the moment! xD

Anyway. Next week we’ll be in Greece meeting my lovely in-laws and dieting hard as I don’t eat: 1. lamb 2. fish. 3. onions 4. things that come from the sea in general.  I’ll program the comic to update itself, but the last update broke a good couple of stuff (Facebook likes are not working anymore boooo zero likes and some things are off with the menus). Hopefully the update will go smooth, but if it doesn’t I apologize in advance.

Super duper swamped with work. All comic, fun, awesome work so I pretty much can’t complain about life. Also, not having College I get to get days off and have coffee with the buds after work hours, go to the gym, have a run with the lad, watch movies, watch series, keep my house neat AND cook my own meals, which let’s be realistic here is not good for anyone.