I am really glad that my last Comic Con while living in Ireland was this big and epic (that’s what he said). Since the moment we set up to the moment we sadly left the gorgeous Dublin Convention Center, we’ve been surrounded by the most amazing experiences.

High Fantasy sold out of issue #1 and issue #2 and we had veeeeery few copies left of issue #3, for each we printed twice as much. We received really good feedback on the art style and on Hugo’s amazing jokes. To put out issue #3 was a special pain, since I had the whole visa situation to solve along the past few months. Once again, we hit it really close to the deadline put still managed to put out a pretty fucking cool book. Take a look at the cover:

Soon we’ll be selling them on the website. Now it’s just a matter of sorting out shipping and all.

Exploding Comics was looking as neat as ever, since now we have two issues with two beautiful covers to sell side by side. A tiny little problem with Exploding Comics: it’s really colorful and shiny, so it’s kind of dodgy to keep them on the table where kids run to grab a copy. xD

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Lucky we have High Fantasy there to say “heeeere kid, look at the dragon!”.
I did loads of commissions, and for the first time I was using watercolor for them. They look really tight and professional, specially when combined with brush pen.
The venue itself was located on the city center, so we had food, atms and everything handy.

Oh, it even happened that someone asked for a commission and never came back for it! So if you know this person or this commission, please, get in touch with me and I will be more than glad to post you through the mail. 😀













And now there is a big amazing new project coming out, for which I have been recently invited to make part of. Ughhh still can’t tell about it to you guys, but should be out sooner than later! Before next month, I promise you.

Ah yeah, big big big news here! I answered the 7 Questions for the Irish Comics News website. You can check it here:


So comic wise, my life’s been crazy agitated. I am really happy and grateful for everything that’s been going on, and I am immensely thankful for having had these amazing opportunities. From now to the end of the year, there are at least 4 “big things” coming my way (that’s what she said). And now with the visa sorted, I’ve lived a really good peaceful phase, full of beer (way too much beer) and friends.

I can say that I am finally working full time as comic artist, which is immensely rewarding.

Thank you guys. Thank you so much, I am full of gratitude and love.