Good morning, folks!
This has been an amazing week, and I could not expect so many kind visitors to Exploding Comics already in the week that we are coming back. Thanks for the private messages and also for the comments, it’s always touching to see people coming back even tho I didn’t post for so many weeks.
A lot of people wrote me asking about Frank going to Finland, so I’ll make a distinction here to help dissipate the confusion!

In real life:
-Me and Frank live together in Ireland.
-I’m coming back to Brazil in September and Frank stays here to finish College.
-Frank comes back to Brazil in May next year, but plans to spend the holidays (December and January) there.
-We have 2 cats that live with their grandmother in Brazil, Sofia and Lucifer.
-Our neighbor is one of our best friends Rob.
-My best friend Bryan actually lives 15 mins from my place.

In the Comic:
-Frank is studying in Finland.
-We have a Raccoon.
-Upstairs neighbors are gender swapped versions of ourselves.

I did have a plot line prepared for the neighbors, actually I was planning to use them as main characters on the comic to avoid people confusing what happens in the comic with my real life (we live far away so we almost gave a couple of family members a heart attack when the Raccoon was adopted). However, with my trip back to Brazil I’m sure there will be a lot of biographic things to tell you guys, so let’s go that way and abandon the neighbors ok?

Now convention season starts. Last year was a great year for my comics. This year was a great year for… uh… finishing College and not much more, I guess. Anyway. We launched 2 issues of High Fantasy. We achieved a steady amount of weekly readers on Exploding Comics. I had my work viewed by great DC/Marvel artists and even got a full copy of High Fantasy with lots of PJ Holden comments on it. I was on fire. So now it’s time to get back on track with that and I start today by working on both high Fantasy and new project for which I was just hired. Can’t tell yet! Can I tell? OMG I’m so eager to tell!

Anyway, I’ll let you go cause I have to fix my back pain before coming back to work.