I don’t think my non-brazilian readers will have this experience to share, but the internet the last few days has been very upsetting.

I live far away from home, my childhood friends and my family. One of my favorite moments of my day used to be to get home and check the news from across the ocean. See the pictures, check the status, say hi.

But then we had elections in Brazil. Facebook was flooded with discussions and opinions. So far so good.

Now that the elections are gone, that should be over. But the flooding timeline got worse. Now the jokes and discussions and opinions turned into personal aggression, offensive jokes, offensive offenses. So far not-so-good, but still I could deal with that. I can hide people from my timeline, just stop seeing their status.

So at this point I was getting home and no longer getting the news from my friends and even my family.

And now, we are also being sent stuff to the Whatsapp groups. And now, the only way I could have peace or at least not be daily offended by my friends and family is by not getting in touch with them at all. Turning them off completely.

I miss when we were talking about booze, party and telling each other the news.