Oh, what a meager celebration! 🙁

In other news, in 7 days I’ll be boarding to Brazil! Sun, samba, football, yay! Except I fucking hate all of these. But yes, it’s going to be magical to see my friends after 3 years apart. It’s not funny how much I miss them.

Good news is that I can program the comic, so even though I’ll be canned comfortably in a tiny chair in an ass-armpit smelling metal tube, you will still get to enjoy your Monday comic! Ain’t technology marvelous?

This week is going to be horrible and stressful cause as I will be in Brazil for the first two weeks of January, my teachers asked me to hand in all my deadlines before that. Yay stress and tons of shit to do!

Anyway, i should stop babling and get to work! :>

See you guys from Brazil!