Heeeeeeeey guys, have you noticed anything different? xD

After months of promise and procrastination, the news are finally on air! I took the time and dedication to make Exploding Comics into a proper project, rather than my hobby. I would like to thank the handsome Frank that spent the whole weekend having rage attacks while programming this piece I roughly put together on photoshop.

I have outlined the next few *months* of strips and if my teachers go easy on me I might not even do a break for Christmas this year! And now we have a proper storyline, of course filled with jokes, boobs, video games and suspicious raccoons. I hope you guys like!

I would like to thank my professional partner Hugo, who despite working with me on another project, took his precious time to review, criticize and help me with the outline for Exploding Comics. So now you guys will have material revised by a professional writer!

This weekend I’ve been to the Laydeez do Comics meeting, organized by the amazing Maura McHugh and Lynda Rucker. The meeting took place on a cozy warm pub downtown and we had 4 guests including Maura talking about comics, writing and fudge. In the meeting I met the brilliant work of the writer Catie Murphy, who gave us important advice on crowdfunding (and the delicious fudges previously mentioned).

Things are coming together. I feel like 2015 is going to be an amazing year. 2014 was messy, confusing and rainy. I didn’t get to work as much as I wanted on my personal stuff (hence the site being so late). But even so high Fantasy happened. And I feel like this was the most important thing that has happened to my career so far. I am in love with the project and we have great plans for next year.

We were nominated to an award. I finished a comic in one month. We went to the most important conventions of the country. We sold a lot of comics. I met the most amazing, brilliant, creative artists, and they talked to me and reviewed my art and gave me tips. I finally feel like I’m doing the right thing.

Thank you, my dear readers, for making this worth.