Hey guys, how are you?

Things are getting busy again as the end of the year approaches. College work, deadlines, crazy stuff. This year I will visit my family in Brazil so will probably stop publishing on the week of 20th of December and come back around late January, when I return to Dublin.

I have really good news. Our new comic, High Fantasy, was nominated for the Irish Comic Awards for the amazing work of our letterer Kerrie Smith! If you guys want to support us, please vote here: http://www.irishcomicnews.com/2014/11/awards-4th-annual-irish-comic-news-awards-voting-now-open/
Every support counts. It’s pretty amazing that we made it already on our first year. Hasn’t even been 6 months we launched our first issue!

If you want to check her beautiful work you can acquire our comic through https://collateralcomics.com/ for just 2 euros!