Well, as normal as it gets.

I have put Exploding Comics in a secondary place in my life to finish the High Fantasy issues 1 and 2, but now that we are moving at normal speed again, I will come back to publishing regularly, with luck having some extra strips every week. I want to put up my Patreon as well, but not before making sure I will have enough quality material and no fillers to make your money worth.

College is still very intense, but this year everything seems much nicer and happier. Projects are nice, classroom is smaller. We have much more time with the teachers and the projects are much more focused on our own style rather than melting plastic or doing dance performances (we never did dance performances…)

Oh, and you guys can already buy High Fantasy online at the Collateral Comics website!

Anyway, I think we are back until exams come.

Thank you all for reading and being so nice to me always. It is a pleasure having the most amazing readers in the world.