Hello there.

Sorry for telling one more story chopped in a couple of comics and putting a strip here with no punchline whatsoever. I have very little time as usual.
Classes are starting again and I have 20 days to finish the second issue of High Fantasy Comic that I have been working on. The next few weeks are going to be the biggest rush I’ve ever lived!
My life is crazier than ever. I am dedicating 24/7 for my illustrations. I guess that’s the life I’ve always dreamed. The downside is that I rarely get to see my friends or go for a coffee anymore.
Still I believe this is a hard phase that is gonna pass and it’s gonna be worth it.
Balance will come.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming here every week and reading me, thank you so much for all the love you send. Thank you for being the biggest and most important part of my life. I got to put my work on the hands of DC and Marvel guys a couple of weeks ago and heard marvelous things about it. Nothing of it would be possible if you hadn’t been here making me believe in being a comic artist.
I have been really really happy.