As promised, here is a proper finished comic. o/

First of all, so sorry for not posting for so long! Convention season is always a great stress and I get busy as hell! This year we went to the amazing Arcade Con, the first convention we ever took part as Exploding Comics. It keeps growing and getting more awesome every year. Then we had Comic Con and that was the biggest reason for which we stopped posting. Not only we went to this amazing convention, we manage to finish the first issue of our new comic that is being produced in partnership with Hugo Boylan and Kerrie Smith: The High Fantasy! Then we went to smaller Fairs and events around Dublin and I think now we finally get to rest a little.

It was a lot of work, required loads of working nights and days and meetings all the time, but hey, it’s ready! And will be available online for you guys soon! If you want to check out more about the project, here is the facebook page: facebook.com/highfantasyHQ .
I am super duper happy with this project, after so many promising contacts that ended up on people giving up on the projects or demanding that I’d work for free, I finally met these two creatures from heaven that not only are professional and responsive, are also a great fun to work with.
I have been drawing ~13 hours per day (with loads of breaks for food and cartoons xd), but I haven’t felt overwhelmed or upset, because I am really committed to this project.

On another news, sorry for the quick crappy comic for today, I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn’t abandon Exploding Comics and that from now on we will start posting “properly”.

Thanks for reading me lads.

Ob: That actually happened to me Saturday, but today I discovered I didn’t actually break my toe. (y)