Also a real story. But the cast member that invaded Frank’s tent and kicked his butt previously chatted with him about how the scene would go. Of course, Frank gave him carte blanche to kick his butt. Frank has several Viking’s related stories. Will defo use them. For you guys who sent me a message about how to watch Frank in the series:

You can see him from 4th season, episode 9 on. He shows up 5 or 6 minutos into that ep. Then he is all around the village selling pretty much everything there is to sell around Kattegat.

Major news: I gave a short interview about my comics for the local telly. I am currently living in one of the biggest and most prosperous cities in the country, so that was a big achievement for me. It was Gibiteca’s 36th anniversary and they did an awesome event with all the artists that launched comics in the city this year. To check my few seconds of fame, click the link below:

Things are good. Really good. I have to pinch myself on a daily basis to believe that, after so much struggle, I am actually managing to work on my projects and illustrations. On a good computer that works everyday. On the beautiful Cintiq my friends got together to get me before I left Ireland. On a good apartment, that has hot water (remember when we didn’t have hot shower for like 6 months). With no psychological pressure from a toxic boss or a messed up workplace.

I have been working at my corrent dayjob at Rockfeller english school for 6 months now, and I can say I have NEVER been disrespected, told off or scolded. Quite the opposite, every single step I take on my illustration career, these guys have my back and are there helping to advertise my work and praise my doings. People are respectful. Organized. Pragmatic. It’s heaven.

I think this year I achieved a thing that I have been looking for my whole life: peace and emotional stability. 

Thank you all for bearing with me through all these years. Here we are, doing comics!