The Monday Comic slowly becomes a Sunday Comic.

This was a really busy week. EC got loads of hits and I was contacted by enough people to fulfill my illustration schedule up to next month. I am incredibly excited, and my studio is becoming a really nice place full of sketches and stuff on the wall. For the first time I have a separate space to art the whole shit down.

I hope you guys are well, have missed this a lot and I am so happy with everything that is going on. 2018 started as a rough and looked like things were going to be terrible, but all the changes happened for the best. I feel like me and Frank are on the right place now. Not in Ireland, which we both miss deeply and think about on a daily basis but struggled to survive and get our bills paid or even stay legal; and also not in Joinville where we got our bills easily paid but step away from what we are(him a writer, me an artist) and didn’t manage to produce much.

So yeah. Yay art.

Also, did you guys see how awesome was everything that happened in Ireland this week? I am immensely emotional, but honestly full of love and hope.