I am not even gonna get into all the details ’cause I might do that in future texts here, but long story short, we moved again.

Me and Frank are living in a proper big city now. It was a giant hassle to get things going, but basically good jobs, better paychecks and more hours to dedicate to writing and doing art.

I am also opening up to comissions and jobs again, so if you feel like it just pop me an e-mail on amanda@explodingcomics.com. The schedule is full up to mid-june with all the comissions and the past prizes from the last donation thing that I did (Yeap, I AM super late with that and I am just catching up with the list, if you haven’t gotten yours yet, it should be on your way soon! Looking at you Javi!).

I would like to say thank you, as per usual, for the kind emails and comments, you guys are the reason I keep doing this.