Hello guys.


I posted before I travel to reactivate the website. I am cleaning some stuff and redoing other. As I haven’t decided what is going to stay published, I will start with a clean slate and we’llsee where this goes.
My main New Year resolution for 2018 is to properly focus on comics and ilustration. So Exploding Comics is supposed to be very active.
The past two years were so happy and full of changes. I really needed to estabilish myself and have a regular life. I love routine and I am super obsessed with cleaning and tiding. Whenever my life is messed up I struggle to be a productive person.
Since we went to Dublin, I struggled to put my life in order because of the constant changes e lack of stability in professional decisions/visa situations. Althought this was trully a great time full of experience and great artistic development (not to mention the incredible people), I never managed to get something palpable for my life.
I have some really belated comissions (I do remember you guys), and I apologize to everyone I am still in debt with. I am currently working in covering all these jobs.
Last year I did plenty of illustration jobs. Many of them wouldn’t be a job that I would just get it, but I really wanted to stay in touch with art. My job also required a lot of illustration on my daily routine and that helped me keeping my skill active and my love for the job alive even in the middle of a crazy routine.
Me and Frank just came back from France, where we spent our honeymoon sort of. Many funny and crazy things have happened in our life since we both moved to Brazil (and even when we were apart) and I plan to tell them in the comics. Yay!