Frank is a messy messy boy…


So guys, how are things? Here in Brazil things are awesome! After strangely cold weeks we FINALLY have the good weather again. Sometimes it feels like I’m the one who keeps dragging the cold and rain to wherever I go cause SHIT WE ARE IN BRAZIL IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE 5 DEGREES OUTSIDE. Hopefully that’s all gone now and we are back to our little sweaty butt paradise!

For now, me and Frank live with my in-laws. We are renovating an apartment, planning to move into it around the end-of-the year. Lately our life has been all about bricks and lamps and furniture and wood. Heh. Wood. Anyway. Renovating is fun, specially when we get to choose how our house is going to look like. For now it’s just a white big block. I’m probably gonna update the progress here.


I love my big white block

It’s a new phase, and definetly exciting. Even though we lived together in Dublin, it was much more a matter of sharing a roof and bills rather than MOVING IN TOGETHER.

Since the beggining of our relationship, eight years ago, we have been living in temporary situations and provisional (TINY) housings. Actually, since I left home when I was 17, I’ve been living in tiny tuna cans… Now we are actually having a house, a proper home, with more than 1 room and enough space to draw, to watch movies, to sleep, to eat and even a fucking delicious barbecue place. It’s sooooo exciting!

Me and Frank are becoming gym people now. We are doing functional training with a really awesome guy and we are actually excited to get fit and build muscle! But I’m not gonna go on about this in here ’cause BORING.

Work is fine, my comics schedule is pretty tight tho. I hpe in the near future I do less extra hours and more strips. 🙂

Thanks for constantly reading me.