Soooo, I hope everyone had a great weekend because I had the best time!

Frank came back from Ireland and everything is gorgeous.

I had a really busy week, working late no less than three days, one of them being a Dance Presentation full of kids and parents. But everything went more than fine, the presentation was beautiful and touching. Man I do love my job.

Friday I had my much deserving rest, Frank spoiled me serving a delightful soup inside a really tasty italian bread, and I just realized we are now adult enough to a) cook something that requires more than 1 pan b) cheer the welcoming of a new cooking recipe into the family.

It’s really weird to have someone around me all the time, after the 6 months I spent alone. I feel happy and warm everytime I think he is not going away anymore.

Saturday we visited together for the first time our apartment. It’s big and gorgeous, and seems to be a nice neighborhood with few kids and lots of bakeries. It’s 5 minutes walk from my best friend’s house and other 5 from the main road, and we have a place where I can work in the living room. I usually draw while watching cartoons, so that’s gonna be really pleasant.

Also, I like to be around Frank when I’m drawing since he is usually cooking and feeding me. xD

I hope everyone is well and thanks for coming back after my long break. <3 I love posting here and having this website to share both my fantastic and real lives with you guys.

Ohhh, today I baked a cake!