Well, this is going to be a long text and there will be  a bit much of whining in it, so be aware of that.


The Drama Part 1

This week I was living my life on the internet when a friend warned me about a fanpage on facebook called Comunidade Mega Drive posting my comic. Now, just posting my comic is a very good thing for me, it brings readers for my own fanpage (facebook.com/explodingcomics) that I am struggling to make it grow properly. I barely managed to reach 1000 likes. Many fanpages have contacted me and asked me for comics, and I send them comics even before publishing on Exploding Comics. And that’s something really cool, I am very open to it.

For example, there is this this Italian fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Irritabilit%C3%A0-premestruale/199326286771586?fref=ts that very often publishes my material, bringing even more readers to Exploding. If you open anything that they publish, you will see the source, and you will also see the immense respect with which they treat the comics, putting a small tag over it, not creating the assumption that they are the main author.

That is really good and makes my work grow, correct?

Now, let’s analyze the difference and see what makes Amanda pissed off when it comes to publishing her own work all over the inthurnets: in the first case, the page took my comic from anywhere on the internet and claimed that didn’t know where the source did come from, even being able to see in the little corner a part of my link covered by themselves with the link to their own website.

This leads my readers to a wrong place, if they are looking for my work. A proper link is just a simple matter of respect. And then what happens? I don’t get paid. Because I am basically paid by the amount of readers that I have every week on explodingcomics.com.

So they are indeed hurting my work, damaging my career, making it hard to be a comic writer. Do you guys understand what makes me so frustrated about it? I got angry and posted this on the picture:

“Muito triste vocês pegarem o quadrinho de minha autoria e postarem deformado e com uma tag gigante por cima inclusive do link para minha página. Por causa de gente vomo vocês que gente como eu trabalha em vão, tentando desenvolver um trabalho criativo e bacana pra ser completamente deturpado e destruído. Pra não mencionar que vocês simplesmente tomaram pra si o crédito do meu trabalho árduo.”

“It is very sad that you took my comic and posted it deformed and with a huge tag all over it, all over the link to my fanpage. Because of people like you that people like me work for nothing, trying to develop a creative and consistent job just to be completely broken and destroyed. Not to mention that you just ended up by taking for yourselves the credit of my hard work.”

Because I was pissed. So pissed. And even so tried to be polite and explain shit correctly, right?

The Drama Part 2:  Ignorant dickhead changes the point not to look so bad 

Way before the fanpage responds to my comments and does something about it, a wild dick head appears with a very offensive and clearly ignorant comment, showing that he respects art just as much as he respects his momma and that he is as conscious about art and culture as a rabid shit-flinging monkey, making this lovely comment, that I won’t translate with all the grammar mistakes for your own sake:

“mania q esses “artistas” tem de fazer algo e quererem o crédito sempre. Caiu na internet o povo compartilha. Imagina se cada vez que eu compartilhar um clip de música do youtube no meu Facebook eu tivesse que dizer: Gente, eu postei o vídeo mas quem gravou foi o Metallica, tá?”

“what a habit these “artists” have that they do something and always want the credit.  – Now, let’s analyze here this gem of a unique mind. This genius lovely friend thinks that we should. You know? Meh, not even claim that the work is ours. Because I don’t need to get paid, I don’t need to eat food everyday right? Or does he mean with the quotation marks that artist is not a profession? 

It’s on the internet, everybody shares. – Hum, so basically I could start posting on Exploding Comics work from any brilliant comic writer, put my tag over it and meh. Whatever, it’s on the internet right? Or did he mean that my 16 hours work over this comic were the same as writing a fucking sentence over a meme picture?

Imagine if anytime I share a music video from Youtube on my Facebook I had to say: Guys, I posted the video, but who recorded it was Metallica, ok? – Yeah, well. I’ll let you guys take your own conclusions on the brilliant comparison and his flawless line of thought here, okay? 

This guys is so sure about his point that he even dropped a “okay, okay, you win, I don’t argue anymore” and then came back to discussing it. At the end, not to look so bad, he came to say that I didn’t have to make a scene (and that was the only problem with me), even knowing that I was polite all times and spoke clearly and calmly about my opinions. The little little dick, on the opposite, lost the argument on the first sentence, putting my profession between quotation marks in a clear sign of disrespect. 

Well, if anybody wants to read the whole discussion, I have all the prints and will surely translate every single word for you guys.

So, for this little shit, they can post and distort my comic, they can leave it there, public, on the internet, all fucked up. But I have to quietly try to convince the owners of the page to take it off and if they don’t, I have to just cry into pillow, not trying to defend my art out loud. And this for him, this offensive ignorant bastard, was a scene caused by me.

The Drama Part 3 – Fanpage sorta apoligizes but not publicly, little dickhead will be a little dickhead forever

So, the situation was solved. The Fanpage got in touch with me and apologized privately. We discussed everything, where they took the file from, covering the link, everything. And ended up that I sent them a lot of my comics on the condition that they wouldn’t cover the links.

Still hurts my artistic ego that if you go to the post, you will see they commenting nothing but:

“Esse quadrinho eu achei em algum lugar na internet. O endereço está ali abaixo para quem quiser ir atrás.”

“I found this comic somewhere on the internet, the address is there for whoever wants to go after”

And that after the apology, they posted nothing but:

“We solved everything with Amanda, we thank her for the patience”.

Well. What can you do. Everyone has their own concepts of ethics and at least our talk brought great results for both of us.

So this is what happened. This is how I learnt a bit more about people’s conscience about art and culture. This is how it gets clear to me why me and all my artist friends struggle so much to try and make a living. And how many good talents give up before reaching the surface. Because at some point there will be a dickhead looking down on you, making you less of a person because you fight for the right of not having your signature covered in your own work.  There will be people deliberately stealing your work (wasn’t the case this time) or even thinking that it doesn’t make a difference whoever did this shit. And that you can’t speak publicly about these things, because then you are an “artist” between quotation marks.

Guys, I have to say, sometimes it’s hard to keep on doing this.