Oi, amigos!

How are you guys? I am REALLY REALLY FINE AND HAPPY. And I am in such a shiny mood because this week was a life changing event for me.

Remember me whining about not doing College? And then I came here and explained the situation and asked for donations in exchange for a drawing. And so many people donated. So many, so many people donated that I am going to College. Probably. So if one day I am rich and famous, you guys are going to be able that I am only a good artist because you paid for my College. xD

There is still a small sum of money to raise, about €200, but nothing that I can’t sell the PlayStation or Frank’s books collection (Frank you don’t read all my posts, do you?)…

Also, I still have two installments to pay, so I will keep on doing this “receive a commission for as much as you wanna pay” until next year! 


I thought of loads of stuff this week and came to loads of conclusions.

I was one of the skeptical people who kept in mind that human kind was bad and we were doomed because people are dicks and stuff. I changed radically this mindset and realized that you are only surrounded by the kind of people that you chose. And I realized that I am surrounded by the best type of people you can find. I can’t really put in words how much I appreciate every little kind of help. Sharing my pictures, donating, asking people to like my page. Some people came to say how sorry they were that they couldn’t help with more than €5. Guys. EVERYTHING IS A  HUGE HELP. And this is how you make the artist feel supported.

So yeah, now people ask me what I do for a living and I say “Hey, I am an artist”.

Another thing that I decided to myself is that as soon as I finish paying for College, May 2014, I will support as much independent artist that I can. I am going to buy all the comics and commissions and albums that I have been promising myself for so long now. And I will try to make at least one monthly acquisition or donation for independent artists. I could come here and tell you guys who I supported and why and make a review. How do you feel about that? But that only after I pay the loads of money that I still need to find for College. ;__;

And I already know what to start with: a brazilian cardgame called Butim. http://catarse.me/pt/butim

Ok. Next topic!

I have been drawing a lot of comics for other writers. One of them is still on the oven and I can’t say much about it. I can only say that a considerable part of my readers are gonna LOVE IT. And the other one was an invitation from this fantastic group to do a comic on the Superhero Helpdesk project. Check it out!  http://www.superherohelpdesk.com/images/comics/season0/career_paths.htm


Ok, I think that was about everything I had to say for this week. I am doing some stories like this. They are short arcs of two or three comics. Let’s see how you guys feel about them.

Thank you. Thank you so much!