Hey guys, I took a week break after Bienal but we are back to the regular schedule. Frank was applying for the Master’s Degree so he had been equally swamped and studying loads. This week I handed in the big bunch of Freelance work I had and he did his exam, so we are about to have some chilled regular weeks and that is awesome. 

The city we live in is amazing and I feel like from now to the end of the year we are going to enjoy it as much as we can. For instance, we manage to watch the Orchestra play every Sunday for like 20 quid. 

Despite the huge load of work, everything is awesome. I love my home office, working here is really pleasant and I feel like spending infinite hours in the studio. 

Also I started playing PUBG and CS and I have had a lot fun shooting weapons. 

Oh, and follow my #inktober2018 project on my instagram feed. I am making an extra effort to make all the drawings with actually ink/pe/brush/traditional media.