Where did we stop?

So, there I was, recovering from the evil Shingles, starting to feel life running in my veins again and everything ready for Comic Con considering that I am super OCD and prepared everything months earlier.

The Comic Con would be at the National Show Center, between the Dublin Airport and Swords, which means: far far away. And because of that me and Frank just assumed a lot of people wouldn’t be able to reach the place and wouldn’t be as crowd as the other conventions, right? Wrong!

We took a bus and a cab! As soon as we started approaching the place, the shock! I.was.bloody.huge. And this is how informed I am about life and stuff in general. The place was bloody huge! Like the Comic Cons I always dreamed taking part on, thousands of booths, traders, people, gaming spaces and awesome stuff.

And so it was. We started assembling our stuff and Frank went to grab a coffee when he comes back looking really scared/amazed and tells me to go see the queue of people waiting for it to open! And so I go and cannot believe what my eyes see! There is a picture on our facebook page ( facebook.com/explodingcomics ) .

So many people! That was awesome! And unexpected! And OMG… <3

In the beginning of it I started feeling sad and rejected because there was a small amount of people who would pass by our stall without even looking, everybody was just on the gaming and events area. But as soon as it started getting crowd, around 11 a.m. people started coming over to say hi, meet my work, and even in some cases say that knew my work from the inthurnets already and didn’t know I’d be there (at this point I nearly cried!).

And so the commissions started. In the first day I was able to finish all of them and bring no more than 2 home, but in the second day I got really overloaded with jobs! According to my count, I did around 35 commissioned art works! And there is nothing. Nothing better in this professional life, than people asking to have something with your style at their homes.

I met a huge amount of impressive artists. I made connections with the most awesome guys ever. I met a huge amount of awesome people who do awesome stuff! And I did near zero activities in the Con due to the amount of work. Which is awesome!

That was a big boost in my feelings, in my mood and in my will to do comics.

And in my bank account, once I could refill the big hole the Shingles left the week before.

Still I am concerned and upset and wrote a very depressive comic about the fact that I won’t be able to pay for my College, that will cost me around €4600 and must be paid until 30th August. But before publishing I just decided you guys don’t have anything to do with it and decided to keep my good mood on and keep on publishing my cheerful comics.

I have lived years enough to know that this is not how life is, just a really hard phase that I am going through. And I have learned things enough to know that the best thing you can do when things go wrong is to keep working hard and dedicating yourself to life. The efforts will pay off! So I’ll keep my head up and grab my pencils and keep on walking. :3


I can only thanks a lot to people at Dublin Comic Con, for the amazing, impressive, professional even they pulled off. And for letting us be part of it. Those were the most amazing days of my life.



So guys something truly amazing just happened to me. I just received a letter from the College saying that they will negotiate the fee and I need to pay no more than €1428 until the enrollment that is 30th August! So I coming here to tell you guys that I really, really really need that money. And therefore I will be doing a Facebook Avatar with your face for people who donates ANY VALUE – SERIOUSLY, €2 , AN OLD SOCK, ANYTHING up to €50. And for whoever donates from €50 on, I will be doing a commissioned full illustration of your charater? a mermaid? a winner dog on a minimoog? of whatever you want! (as long as it’s not like… something really complex and detailed that will keep me from doing the other freelancer jobs!). I won’t promise deadlines for the facebook avatars because I have absolutely no idea of how many people will donate (imagine if 1428 people donate €1 xD) but I think I shall cover it until the end of the year! 



Oh, and of course: if you donate and wish to receive an illustration, please send an e-mail to amanda@explodingcomics.com saying what you wish me to draw and if it’s an avatar of you, a picture. xD