Amy is a self-employed illustrator who loves to travel and drink. She is a hard-working girl who is constantly struggling with the dilemma of a regular job x trying to make her life as an independent illustrator. Although she always dreamed of being abroad, coming back home was her idea, as she is very organized and realized she had to have a working visa to have a proper 5 year plan.





Frank is a historian above all the things he is. His obsession with History eventually does make Amy grumpy, as he likes to wake her up early in the morning telling irrelevant historical facts. He likes to play the ukelele and write. He is a light-hearted person, that tends to spend too many hours doing stupid things (like playing classical music by tapping on his belly)





Rac is their baby. He is a mischievous little fellow, much more aware of the circumstances than any other character in this comic. He is small and grey and likes to terrorize children. He is an underwear thief with no remorse.