Exploding Comics is a website that publishes weekly strips about the daily life of a couple that graduatead, moved abroad, lived there for a couple of years and came back to their home country. The team is formed by Amanda, who is an illustrator and Frank, who is a writer and provider of food. The story of the comic is loosely based on the story f the couple, who actually moved abroad to graduate on their second College courses. They are both designers who went to different areas and currently live in Brazil. 

Amanda got a college degree in ilustration at Ballyfermot College of Further Education, during the years where she specialized in comics and learned how to professionalize her artistic work. She loves teaching, Netflix and beer. 

Frank is a History major, who loves reading and studying. He is a writer and a teacher and plans to spend the rest of his life buying books. He loves Ireland almost as much as he loves History and his years there were really special.

The team has came back to Brazil, and lives in an amazing city called Curitiba, but continues to publish projects in Ireland, along with the writer Hugo Boylan and the letterer Kerrie Smith.